opbouw Ecoplant duurzaam lesprogramma Slide Ecoplant is particularly proud to contribute to a cleaner planet, ready to begin a sustainable journey together with the younger generation. Working closely with young and flexible people is a great asset for Ecoplant.

Working with elementary school students on engineering to thinking with university students about innovation. A sustainable curriculum and a wealth of opportunities for (international) internships and projects. Ecoplant participates! Young people have the future and Ecoplant wants to support them.
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The Student Energy Program, also known as S.T.E.P.; is a sustainable learning project. Students engage with sustainable innovation and solar energy in an approximately 2-month curriculum. They completely immerse themselves in this hugely current and important world of sustainable technology! In the S.T.E.P. project, students build their own Ecoplant. A highly innovative suntracing solar system.

The highlight is of course when the Ecoplant is placed by the students in the most effective location of the school grounds. The Ecoplant is guaranteed to act as the meeting place of the school grounds. It will also provide options for charging smart phones, electric bikes and cars, camera surveillance, lighting and a Wi-Fi point. The Student Energy Program and the Ecoplant immediately give your school a sustainable stamp of approval. Of course, the project brings a lot of media attention!

  • The student comes into contact with different companies, in line the future work field;
  • The Student Energy Program connects to many core objectives and optional subjects from secondary education and fits seamlessly into the continuous learning line;
  • The student comes into contact with many facets within innovative technology, from installation work, steel and construction work to graphic design;
  • The S.T.E.P. is theoretically secured with hands-on learning materials written by teachers.

Project ready after the placement? No! The Ecoplant brings a lot of opportunities within education. The ideal tool in STEP subjects. Also, the Ecoplant can be built up repeatably. The teaching material is also used in a circular way in education.

From research and evaluations of already implemented projects, the Student Energy program was rated an average of 8. A point for improvement that came up widely was the question of theoretical assurance.

Ecoplant did not wait and started right away! Together with the Dutch company MK-Educatie, several teachers and schools a connection in education has been sought and a hands-on workbook was written. Sustainable innovation and solar energy.

How cool is that:

  • An Ecoplant at your schoolyard
  • Realized with the efforts of your own students
  • Where education and business come very close together
  • Supported with a practical teaching program

Sustainable Education

Sustainable Education

Sustainability and education should go hand in hand. S.T.E.P brings sustainable technology education very close in a trendy way. S.T.E.P is of course just a really cool sustainable education program and extremely hands-on!



The Student Energy Program was written for and by teachers; the collaboration with education specialist MK-Education also emphasizes this. By collaborating with teachers from the field, the project fits seamlessly with the students’ curriculum.

Did You know that S.T.E.P. was already rated 8 in the first evaluations?

Green skills

Green skills

The world urgently needs engineers with ‘green-skills’. Indeed, sustainability and green energy are only becoming more important. Ecoplant therefore aims to ‘plant’ a seed about this transition in young people now. Within the sustainable lesson program, pupils learn all about the energy transition.


Would you like to work in a team to build the Ecoplant within a sustainable teaching program? A device almost 4 metres high and weighing 350 kilograms? If so, that’s super cool! The world is going to need people who understand green energy and sustainable transition a lot in the future. The Ecoplant is a rotating solar plant that rotates with the sun. Early in the morning, the Ecoplant faces east and during the day it rotates with the sun to the west. Just like a flower, beautiful energy!

Is your school also starting the sustainable teaching program S.T.E.P?


Our team is ready for it!


Ecoplant in your education?

Ecoplant contributes to making the energy transition attractive. This is because it offers great opportunities for young and old and is of great importance for the preservation of our planet. Ecoplant values working with energetic people, strives for a more sustainable world and promises you an unforgettable and valuable internship.

Ecoplant is dynamic, innovative, and creative. Would you like to do an internship at Ecoplant? There are places within R&D, design, marketing (communication), technical support and operations available.

Did you know that the average age in our company is 25 years!

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Besides internship, there are also opportunities to carry out a project or graduate school with us.


Past studies:

– Reduction of CO2 footprint Ecoplant 2022

– Global to smart local production 2022

– Development of teaching program Ecoplant 2021

– Ecoplant and design 2020

– Ecoplant and charging stations 2020

– Ecoplant and the events market 2020

– Ecoplant and the local market potential 2019


Also, a communication student and a business administration student recently graduated with us. Many of the students are eager to return as well!



An internship that teaches you a lot about sustainability and the energy transition is very valuable. People with knowledge of sustainability are needed in every company and at every location, especially in the current times. This for the sake of preserving the planet. Interested? Do not hesitate and contact us!



Ecoplant wants to offer you all the opportunities you need to make your internship a great success. By working hands-on and letting you discover the facets of a young and dynamic company, an internship at Ecoplant can be your springboard to a sustainable career.

Our Clubhouse

Our Clubhouse

Our clubhouse is the base of our young and dynamic team. Come and visit us in our clubhouse sometime and join us for a drink!

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